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1. I/We .Centre/Institute name Address: City: State: Pincode: Mobile Number: email id:

2. That I/We have fulfilled all requirements to run authorized Centre/s or Course/s under Sharda Group Of Educational Institutions.

3. That Sharda Group Of Educational Institutions shall issue authorization to run abovementioned zone/s courses, for abovementioned single location/address of my/our centre & the same authorization shall not applicable to my/our franchise/branch at different locations, for this, I/we shall separately submit new application for centre authorization for that franchise/branch at different location/address, The Branch Should not deal with any other organization on behalf of itself

4. That I/We shall remain liable for every due towards Sharda Group Of Educational Institutions in every circumstance

5. That Sharda Group Of Educational Institutions has no sharing in student Admission fee/tuition fee/exam fee & all said fees will be prescribed/decided by me/us in my/our centre as per investment, infrastructure facilities, student & teacher ratio, backwardness & geographical condition of my/our area. Sharda Group Of Educational Institutions shall not be held responsible if any dispute arises for said fees & I/We shall be solely liable for the same. Sharda Group Of Educational Institutions shall charge onetime nominal registration fee as per the duration of course/s per student/s.

6. That Sharda Group Of Educational Institutions shall not invest/has not invested in my center/Institute set up, So all Investments, expenses and formalities relating to operation of my/our centre shall be managed & borne by me/us such as- computer systems, centre furniture, centre teacher’s salary, centre building (rented/self owned), educational legal Softwares, Centre Audit, Centre ITR, Centre Taxes (all types), local